Unlock the wisdom of Akashic Records!


▶︎ What if the past was not a succession of events that we remember but rather a collection of feelings and emotions triggered by words, actions and events that we remember and often haunt us. What if we could change the past by healing these emotions?

▶︎ What if we were just replaying our past-life stories until we finally learn what we need to learn?

▶︎ What if you could connect with the abilities, gifts of your lineage and your ancestors?

▶︎ What if you could access your personal Soul wisdom and Akashic guidance to powerfully support your life?

▶︎ What if, your right brain (intuitive, creative, non-verbal, emotional, divergent, holistic, sensory, spatial...) was your super power?

▶︎ What if, you could eliminate drama and conflicts from your life by understanding the lesson ?



What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic records or Akasha are like a gigantic i-cloud or energetic library storing information pertaining to each soul's journey throughout time.

It is a recollection of all of your past-lives, thoughts, experiences, deeds, intentions and actions. Past lives, future lifetimes, karmic agreements, vows, curses, soul contracts, infinite wisdom, and healing are all accessible through the Akashic Records.

All the pieces of information contained in the records are powerful metaphors or scripts present within your sub-conscious mind to help you understand the roots of your recurring patterns, thoughts, habits, likes and dislikes in this present life, IN THE NOW...

The records are where the blueprint for the evolution of your soul is kept. They hold the key to the past, present, and infinite future potentialities for each soul and the Akasha links us all, of course. The Akashic Records truly are a field of consciousness which provides past life & soul information relevant to your understanding and resolution of your current issues.


Are they accessible to anyone?

THE AKASHIC RECORDS ARE ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE. The power to heal and regenerate is within all of us, within the core of our fabric. Our body is a complex matrix and it is ultimately made of energy if we go to a cellular level, to a DNA level and to a quantum level.

We all come from somewhere and at least from someone and those persons we identify as our parents have also parents and so on... This long line of ascendance connects all of us (eventually) to the Source, to the beginning of all times, whether you call it big bang, God, Universe , zero point , Akasha or Creator. It is not a matter of semantic or of religion, it does not matter if you are a believer or not, no one can deny that this point of creation exists somehow, somewhere and that is the very core of what makes us ONE. We are all just 6 degrees of separation away from each other.

As such, our fabric as humans connect all of us because all that is, is made of energy at a quantum level. Accessing your records is not a privilege allowed only to a few people; the Universe doesn't discriminate. There are no chosen ones. So it is critical to spread this knowledge as we are living in an era where the Earth calls for a shift and where masses start to awaken to a new consciousness.

This course is for everyone and there is no pre-requisite. It is not a religious course. No prior training is needed.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a psychic, a buddhist monk, an experienced meditator or a seer to read the Akasha. You may be a total newbie. You just need TO LEARN and PRACTICE.


What is Akasha Soul Healing™️?

Akasha Soul Healing™ is a very grounded modality backed up by science where we use the body and DNA as an entry point to access the quantum field, the ''zero or first'' point, the Akasha or Akashic Records to heal.

Energy can never be destroyed, it is stored, locked or transformed and energy connects with energy. So that’s space called Akasha bonds all energy together and all souls and objects because ALL IS ENERGY and in Akasha Soul Healing™, we teach you how to move and morph locked and stagnant energy.

Remember that Akasha Soul Healing™ is not about only reading and only collecting information in the Akashic Records but also about the journey, the healing, the understanding, the power retrieved and the control you take back on your life. It is about co-creating a happy and fulfilled life in the NOW.

We don't use hypnosis or trance and we don't use vibrational prayers in this modality to access the Akashic records. You will simply go through an attunement, just like Reiki. The attunement will allow you to connect instantly to the Akashic Record in the safest way possible and by the end of the course, you will be able to read for yourself and others, get certified and get abundance being of service..


Meet your teacher

N'dèye Fana Gueye

As a transformational Coach, Shadow & Inner Child Expert, and Spiritual Teacher, I teach coaches, healers, visionaries, creatives, and soul-led entrepreneurs, get out of their own WAY and show up to share their unique gifts with humanity. I do this through a framework called the W.A.Y.™. It stands for Who Are You? It is the most important question to answer. When you do, it opens up an entire world of new possibilities, and once you answer that simple question, you figure out where you stand, where you want to go, and how to get there. I've guided thousands of people to stop playing small. My clients call me Magic Woman because my almost uncanny gift is to see the truth of people. I enable their superpowers. I am a guilt and shame slayer. Before becoming a coach and a healer, I had a prolific sales & marketing career in leading companies of The Fortune Global 500. I am also a writer and a painter.


What people say about the Akasha Soul Healing

"Thank you so much for creating the Akasha Soul Healing. Mother Fana is definitely one of the most intuitive, empowering and loving teachers I’ve met. She has helped me overcome some of my core limiting beliefs that I was not even aware of. The Akasha Soul Healing Level 1 was really an eye-opener. Akasha Soul Healing has really helped me in tremendous ways in my life especially with the convenience of not having to say a long prayer before accessing made it so unique from other school of thoughts teaching Akashic records. Not only has it heightened my intuition, but it has built up the trust between the higher frequencies of energies and the self, and letting go of the mind (ego). Furthermore, healing in the Akasha is so potent that the effect that took place in the physical plane took place almost immediately. ''

U.D, Certified Akasha Soul Healing Practitioner

“It was my first time having an Akasha Soul Healing session and I had one of the most amazing and memorable experience of my life! This was truly having ten years of therapy in one session! I felt liberated, comforted and was helped to let go of my limiting beliefs and old patterns. (…) Her gift to communicate the Akasha wisdom in such a gentle and uplifting way, and her incredible ability to “read” is a true blessing. This healing session has not only provided me valuable insights but also enabled me to move forward and embark on a new journey (…)”

Anouchka G. – Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Author

“I have learned so much about myself and my abilities. Through learning to read the Akasha, I know everything about my life purpose and how to get there(…)”

Brian W. – Akasha Soul Healing Practitioner

''During the Akasha Soul Healing session, Mother Fana taught me how to communicate with the pain body. I used that technique on my daughter who had been experiencing intense undiagnosed pain for 3 years. I had been everywhere for this pain seeking Western, Eastern treatments. But now with this new tool she taught me, the pain instantly disappeared, just like that! It was MAGIC! ''

S.SKL, Executive

" I heard many amazing things about Mother Fana’s work, and I was very much looking forward to finally meeting her in person. As I went for an Akasha Soul Healing Session for the first time in my life I was very curious to what I will be experiencing there. The session with her felt as if I was talking to an old trusted friend of mine. The whole atmosphere was very relaxing and she appeared to be a very attentive and intuitive listener. I could feel her soothing healing energy and a sense of calm and peace surrounding me during and long after the end of our session. The whole experience that she was able to create gave me the ability to experience things beyond my usual sensory and visionary abilities. She is definitely one of the best spiritual guides I ever had and I highly recommend her to anyone who would like to take a journey of experiencing herself/himself on a totally new level. "

Elena Y., trader

'I am extremely grateful to Mother Fana for facilitating this healing session for me. It had allowed me to make peace with the past and also reminded me of all the joy and happiness that we are entitled to. It has also allowed me to release several deep-rooted tensions in my body. Once again, thank you!

Boon Q, Executive

''Mother Fana is a world class spiritual teacher and guide, and by some distance, the best healer I have come across in the past 20 years Mother Fana's Akasha Soul Healing Sessions are literally life-changing - she helps you resolve present and past life issues at the deepest core level, so you don't have to be reborn again to undergo them! She has the most wonderful, giving heart, so you know for sure that she really has your best interests at heart!

Vishnu , Banker

"In this workshop, I was given a clear and effective way to access my Akashic records. I received succinct messages from my guides that were just what I needed at that time. The technique is powerful and highly effective"

Yee F. L., Engineer


Check the curriculum

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What you will get when you sign up


✔️ We bring in many hours of video training and interactive questionnaire and online forms. You will be able to access the first two lessons of the course immediately, when you sign-up. Subsequent lessons will be released to you weekly to keep you engaged and on track.

✔️ Powerful guided meditations and exercises to help you dive deeper into the practice and to heal you and all aspects of your life

✔️ BONUS : Numerology Basics and Soul Mate Code


✔️ Mother Fana remains available to answer your questions via email

✔️ Knowledgebase & Lexicon

✔️ Optional Akasha Soul Healing Session/ Coaching Session


✔️ Access to a free database of potential practice clients and client tool kit (practitioner and client reading templates...email templates, guidelines) to get you started for the practice clients and the certification. This will be offered to the people who choose at the end of the basic training to go through the certification process. This process involves a deep practice of reading the Akashic Records for others and will enable you to become a certified practitioner of this modality.


✔️ This course is 100% online, so you can access it anywhere, anytime and available via streaming video and audio/pdf download— and you will have lifetime access to it.


I have been a seeker, and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars, and I started listening to the teachings of my souls" - Rumi

This course is for you:

✔️If you are genuinely interested by the akashic records, past-lives and seeking spiritual development.

✔️ If you are an energy healer, a psychic, an intuitive Life Coach, a reiki practitioner, a yoga instructor or an oracle card reader experienced or not and willing to learn a new powerful modality in order to strengthen your channeling and healing abilities.

✔️ If you wish to genuinely understand the higher purpose of events, relationships and the influences and stories that are keeping you in a pattern of fear, unworthiness and lack of confidence.

✔️If you wish to have tools that work to clear karma for yourself and loved ones

✔️ If you wish to develop your intuition and work more with your right brain and access guidance and information anytime you need it, in order to make decisions that are most aligned with your highest good and truth.

✔️ If you wish to discover your life purpose and harness more creative power and dormant psychic abilities

✔️ If you desire to grow a business that fully supports you mentally, spiritually, AND financially and allows you to be of service.

✔️ If you don't know why you are attracted to this course (that's the case for many of my students) because it is a call and the best thing is to follow your intuition. Chances are, you were guided to this page to remember your abilities and use them for your highest good and truth and for the best.

Turn your passion for spirituality into a career. The World Needs You To Show Up!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first week of the training and​ we will give you a full refund.
How is it different from the other Akashic Records courses ?
You might have learned to read the Akashic records by using a vibrational prayer. If it is the case and you consider taking this course, please note that Akasha Soul Healing™ is very different because it uses an attunement and it brings in, new and never heard before, knowledge such as the Akasha chambers WHICH WILL BE LIFE-CHANGING FOR YOU. It goes way beyond and deeper than just getting messages. It is about Healing and the name says it all. You will know and understand which archetypes are at play in your life at a conscious level and a subconscious level and reclaim fragmented or lost parts of yourself. It must be a call, trust your intuition.
What are the terms and conditions and disclaimer?
Once you have purchased the course, and after the first week, there are no refunds. Disclaimer: This program is not a substitute for seeking medical advice or seeing a licensed physician or a licensed therapist. Mother Fana's classes and courses are never intended to replace the care or advice of a trained or licensed counsellor or medical physician. Training, guidance, or advice is not a guarantee of a complete change or cure of your situation. Any expected revenue resulting from taking this course or feedback from clients is entirely the responsibility of the student or graduate. We are dedicated to providing the best in training and follow-up possible. However, ultimately, it is the student who is responsible for working towards expected results, achieving spiritual progress, obtaining clients, and any revenue expected from courses, classes and/or certifications. All teaching is done in the light of the purest and highest intention. If you have doubts as to whether any class or program might cause you any kind of emotional or physical pain or emotional discomfort, we ask you to not purchase this home study course.