๐Ÿ“•[READ] - The Impostor Archetype


How does it behave?

It will make you feel as though you are a fraud.

When does it show up?

When you start a new job or hobby, when you are in a new place or represent a minority somewhere (color, genderโ€ฆ), and when someone compliments your work or your achievements.

Typical statements

This inner critic usually speaks using the pronoun โ€œYOUโ€

Who are you kidding? This wonโ€™t last. Youโ€™re a fraud. There is nothing special about you. This was just luck. You donโ€™t deserve this. You are not worthy of success. You should not be here. See everyone is laughing at you. All these people are so much more talented (beautiful, intelligentโ€ฆ) than you. You are not skinny enough to take up that much space. You are such a MESS. You have so many flaws, how can they not see it?

Toxic effects

Self-doubt. Finding it impossible to rejoice. Incapacity to acknowledge your good qualities. Delaying joy. Disqualifying yourself from experiences and things which you deserve.

Deepest underlying fear

Being โ€œbusted.โ€

The Cure

Coming back to the facts and reality of your achievements and qualities. If needed, ask friends how they feel about your skills and talent. Consciously choose not to take this archetypeโ€™s advice.

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