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Welcome to an amazing journey into your heart and your soul!

I am so thrilled to have you here and wanted to thank you for hearing the call of your Soul. It is a journey of loving acceptance, of owning your singularity, and of discovering your inner truth.

My promise is that you will be amazed about how powerful you will become when you start to love and accept all that you are and learn to forgive yourself. You will transcend. You will summon more strength. You will be reborn on the other side of fear, of everything that has consumed your heart or ever prevented you from rising. And there will be Grace in that, too, as you acknowledge that you are important. You are the one you have been waiting for. You may be your own worst enemy now, but you will be amazed how fast you become powerful and creative when you start to love yourself.

“I must have a dark side if I am to be whole” - Carl Jung

Shadow work and Inner child work are the most potent healing tools available today to help you discover freedom and happiness. Your 'internal dialogue' is quite simply your thoughts. It is the little voice in your head that comments on your life, whether that is what is going on around you, or what you are thinking consciously or sub-consciously. All of us have an internal dialogue, and it runs all the time.
Mastering our Inner Dialogue, taming our inner critic is crucial to breaking free from limiting and self-sabotaging patterns.

This mean inner voice affects us in our work when we have thoughts like:

  • You better get this right, or you’ll be humiliated in front of everyone.
  • You should have worked all weekend; look at all the tasks piling up.
  • You’ll never get done in time.
  • You’ll never be successful, you are a failure.
  • No one appreciates how hard you work.
  • You are in your forties. You’re going to get fired. You’re just too old.
  • You are under too much pressure, you can’t handle this stress.
  • You can’t manage this project. You’re a terrible communicator. People don’t respect you.
  • You’re fooling everyone. You can’t do this.

It affects us in our relationships when we have thoughts like:

  • This won’t work out. Don’t get your hopes up. Keep your distance to be safe.
  • She doesn’t like you that much anymore. What did you do wrong? You must figure it out.
  • You have to get his attention, or you’ll lose him.
  • You have ruined it, and now they will reject you!

It affects us as parents:

  • You can’t even handle your own kid. You have no idea what to do.
  • You have made so many mistakes as a parent, you’re really messing them up.
  • You’re such a bad parent. Look at them, they are so perfect!
  • You’re acting just like your parents; and you thought you would be different!

It affects us in social situations:

  • You’re stupid.
  • You’re not attractive.
  • He doesn’t really care about you.
  • You’re better off on your own.
  • Don’t be vulnerable, you’ll just get hurt.
  • You’re not like other people.
  • You’ll make a fool of yourself. Just keep your mouth shut.
  • Be sure to say something smart, or everyone will think you’re an idiot.
  • You’re so shy; you’re making everyone around you feel awkward.
  • Everyone else is so funny and clever. Why can’t you be like that? What’s wrong with you?

It affects our health and well being:

  • This work is killing me.
  • I wish I could die, my life really sucks.
  • This new opportunity is terrifying.
  • I am always in utter pain when my period come.
  • I have chronic back pain, nothing can be done.
  • We are all sick in the family.
  • You can't do this, you body is too frail.
  • Exercising is just too hard. You are too fat to exercise. Look at you!

Once you understand why your inner voice is mean to you, you can begin to change its tune. Working with the shadow or inner critic isn’t about discovering the truth, it is the removal of lies you have told yourself.

You don’t have to listen to it or believe it anymore. This 14-day journey will help you to just do that: free yourself from the tyranny of your ego and step into a new life.

I stopped listening to my inner bully many years ago when I came to understand that badgering, criticizing, belittling, or humiliating myself would never make me smarter, more confident, fitter, more valuable, or more successful. That huge breakthrough allowed me to live my destiny and fully embrace my life. Professionally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Physically.

Let’s stop the impossible pursuit of perfection. Let’s love ourselves. Let’s fire our inner bully. Self-love and compassion are always a good place to start this inner voyage into the Path of Loving Acceptance.

"Fear Knocked on the door and when love opened the door, no one was there" - Mother Fana

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